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The Basket Man

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As soon as the basket man has the basket in your lady's hands, it's over. That woman and every woman will be buying at least one that day. I should know. I own ten large baskets and two small baskets, each with different designs. Men, it is your job to keep the baskets out of your lady's hands or you'll be paying whatever the basket man dictates that day. Heaven forbid your lady is out alone, and from the other side of the park out of the corner of her eye, she spots the basket man. She will be coming home with more baskets than she knows what to do with. Worse, if he sees your lady out of the corner of his eye, he will put the full court press on your lady to buy every basket he's carrying, especially if she's bought baskets before.

I once bought a large basket for $3. The next day I was with a friend who didn't haggle at all, and she paid $5 for a small basket, which meant I had to pay $5 for a small basket that day. The thing is, I paid the $5 because the shape of the basket was oblong, a unique style and one I'd never seen before. My husband hates the basket man because he is so charming and convincing. I, however, love the basket man because he's so charming and convincing.


Hey! Have you got any photos of the baskets? I was planning to try to pack my baskets, but they're a bit heavy. If I can replace them from the basket man, I won't have to pack mine. We're arriving 4/24.  My email is janmyers <at>



I would also love to see some pics. My husband has decided I don't need to pack mine!

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