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Super Bowl at the Monkey Bar

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Since our beloved St. Louis Rams didn't make it to the playoffs, we faced the serious dilemma of which NFL team to give our allegiance on Super Bowl Sunday. Would it be the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers?

Needing some additional help to sort this out, we thought it a perfect time to try the newly opened Cotacachi establishment, Monkey Bar. We found welcoming faces and comfy seating with just the right amount of ambiance. Impressed with their wide selection of cocktails, great weekend drink specials, and pizza from Casi Olivia, we decided to sit for a spell. Good ol' classic rock was playing and gigantic bottles of Budweiser were flowing. Just what we needed to get ready for the football festivities. It was as easy to strike up conversations with this new group of friendly expats as it was with our old friends. Folks hailed from Texas, Illinois, Colorado, and California, and everybody was having a good time. After a few glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and several bottles of Bud, the outcome of the game became secondary to another fun afternoon with friends in Cotacachi.



Hey all,

Have to know...who are the Rams fans there in Cotacachi? My wife and I are living in Bolivia and are planning a visit to the Cotacachi area in early May thru June and I'd love to talk a little in Rams football with some more Rams fans. Dying a slow death here...can't get the games and have a real bad Jones for it.



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Hey Bruce,

The bad news is that I haven't found a single other Ram's fan in Cotacachi yet and we'll be out of town when you visit in May.  However, you may be able to find some other NFL fans (I know there are some rabid Cowboys fans) at the Monkey Bar or Solid Rock cafe.  Good luck!


Sorry that we won't be able to meet face-to-face when we are there buy maybe an occasional exchange here. What cha' think? Maybe a little give and take. How about we start with the the addition of Austin to WR corps. I'm liking what Fisher and Snead are doing. Excited to see the season start.


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