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5 Reasons to Move to Cotacachi

1) You love year round springlike weather and not having to pay for heating and cooling.

2) Your idea of a perfect morning is sipping a cup of South American coffee on the porch swing while taking in the stunning mountain scenery.

3) Your idea of a perfect evening is drinking a glass of red wine with good friends next to a crackling fire.

4) You want to be able to take a $5.00 bill to the market and return home with all the produce you can carry.

5) You like living in a community where everybody knows your name.

5 Reasons Cotacachi May Not be for You

1) You can't imagine living without a Wal-Mart Supercenter.

2) When you want something done, you want it done NOW!

3) You find it intolerable to be exposed to poverty and stray dogs.

4) It is important for you to wear expensive jewelry when you go out.

5) Small town living is not your cup of tea.


Exactly the 5 reasons we have decided Cotacachi is a great place to be.
My husband and I have visited twice and are considering a property to buy.
We understand there is a "Craig's List" in the it multi-lingual or mainly ex-pat oriented. Does it include nearby towns as well?
Would love to be in touch with you guys next visit down.
Susan & Chuck

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Hi Susan and Chuck,

The Craigslist is focused on Quito but also has ads from other parts of Ecuador including occasionally Cotacachi. I have found the listings to be a mix of Spanish and English.

We would love to see you in Cotacachi on your next trip!

Gary & Angela

Hello Gary, I've been reading your blogs with interest as I'm thinking of leaving Australia and settling in Ecuador. It really does give me an insight into what to expect. I'm from India originally and couldn't help smiling when reading your blog on crime. One of the differences I noticed straight away when I arrived in this country is how much you can relax when out and about as you didn't have to be on guard of your wallet all the time.

I also noticed the rental accommodation available and would love to make use of that when I arrived. No doubt I will be in touch.

Thank you for your very informative site.


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