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Real Estate On The Rise

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It's no wonder why real estate has been selling so quickly. Cotacachi has sunny days and pleasant temperatures consistently, and there are more businesses opening all the time. Recently, an older development has experienced a sort of renaissance. San Miguel has always been a desirable community with its lovely houses and private walled yards surrounded by mountain views. Now with many new expats in town, more people are realizing its specialness. So much so that three homes and two vacant lots have been resold in the past two months. Many residents are adopting dogs and like having yards for their pampered pooches, so San Miguel is ideal.

As more developments are being built, expats who have lived in Cotacachi for years are moving. Some are selling their houses and downsizing to townhouses. Others are moving from Primavera II to larger condominiums. Still others are having homes custom built to their specifications. With more choices in size, styles, and locations, there seems to be something for everybody in Cotacachi.

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