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Farmacia (Pharmacy) (by Cotacachi Expat)

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I thought it was the altitude. I felt more fatigued than usual after a run, plus my fingers and toes were always cold, and my thick mane was thinning out. One blood test later, I learned I had a problem with my thyroid. No big deal. I take a tiny pill once a day, every day, and that takes care of that.

Without a prescription, I walk into any farmacia (pharmacy) and request my meds. $2 for a month's supply. Still cheaper than Walmart. Plus, I don't have to contact my doctor for prescriptions.

Once a year, I take a $7 blood test to make sure the dosage is correct, but that's it. It's nice knowing I can walk into any pharmacy in Ecuador to get what I need over the counter. Totally in control of my health and feeling great.


I am a Type 1 diabetic and take two kinds of insulin, NovaRapid and Lantus. Would these be readily available? 

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