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Our Heads in the Clouds

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After being away from Cotacachi for a while, we returned with fresh eyes and were filled with wonderment at the natural beauty of the country. There are green valleys in the countryside around our home at Jahua Pacha. Mount Imbabura towers outside our front window while Mount Cotacachi keeps guard outside our back window. We feel fortunate to be enveloped by such beauty. Truly breathtaking. Walking into town on the cobble stone streets accompanied by herds of sheep grazing in the field and the sun on our faces, we pinch ourselves knowing there's no other place we'd rather be.

Once we cross over the hill near Rancho Santa Fe, the temperature climbs ten degrees and the wind dies down. Inside the city limits, we take off our outer layer and set our sights on some spaghetti and meatballs at Nancy's restaurant. Afterwards, feeling even more deserving, we go for a cup of java at the new coffee bar on San Francisco Park. They serve Intag coffee from the best known coffee growing region of Ecuador. Cappuccinos, mochacinos or any concoction you can think of, the barrista can make it. It's a cozy place with a fireplace downstairs and reading area upstairs, including books and magazines in English. I was surprised to see issues of The New Yorker. Just outside, a lady with a cart sells homemade crepes filled with your favorite selections, like strawberries, chocolate, and bananas for less than a dollar.

Cotacachi is just a great place to hang out, and it's getting better all the time.


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