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Street Dog

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We finally broke down and adopted a street dog.  She had been hanging around our development scavenging for food, and we started feeding her.  She was such a pathetic sight, hair falling out and covered with dirt.  We took her to the vet where she was shaved, bathed, and given medicine.  Now, she is named Phoebe, lives like a queen, eats steak, and sits in my place in the living room chair. It has been a lot of fun watching the transformation.  Happy dog.  Very happy owners.

Phoebe before & after


To see the before @ afters of Phoebe, and of any other rescues, well = it just makes my heart happy!

I am relocating from the Northern Baja Mexico area to Ecuador.

Many reason why, but a big one is I do not find the street dogs here abused and walking skeletons. They say "you can tell a country by the way it treats it's animals".

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