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When we first arrived in Cotacachi, one of the things that Angela and I missed the most was books. Both of us are avid readers and used to spend hours in the local library back in the States. Both of us were always in the middle of at least one book at any given time. All that changed when we moved to Ecuador. We soon discovered a couple of English bookstores in Quito, but the selection was quite limited and dated. It seemed that we were going to have to adjust to a life without much reading material.

Then came the Kindle. Once Amazon came out with an international version of the Ebook reader, our prayers were answered. On our first trip back to the States, we bought one and took it back to Ecuador. All at once, a whole new world was available to us in the middle of the Ecuadorian Andes. At our fingertips was a huge selection of reading material from classics to best sellers to nonfiction any time we wished. Our only problem now is that we need two of them.

We have found a great website called My Books 24-7 which has book reviews and recommendations for books that will help fill those leisurely hours in Cotacachi relaxing in your favorite chair.

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