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Medical labs in Cotacachi

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Before learning Cotacachi had two laboratories to test blood, I was going all the way to my doctor's office in Ibarra to do this. How refreshing to know that I can walk one block off of Diez de Agosto (Leather Street) across the street from the elementary school to a small laboratory where there's never a line and have my blood drawn by an experienced phlebotomist.

I had my results in less than 24 hours and walked one block to the farmacia/pharmacy to purchase a three month supply of medicine for $5. No setting an appointment with my doctor. No taking a bus to Ibarra and walking several additional blocks only to wait in line to see my doctor. No taking another bus a few days later to pick up the test results, nor seeing my doctor again for a consultation so she can interpret the results. The laboratory test result has the normal range written on the paper that they issue you. I had two tests and it was $28. No doctor fees involved. Simple as can be.


<p>This is great to know, as I have been going to an Otavalo lab.&nbsp; But the directions need to be specific.&nbsp; What is the name of the street?&nbsp; One block which way from Diez de Agosto?&nbsp; And, if possible, what is the name of the lab?&nbsp; Thanks!</p>

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