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Saturday in the Park

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Remember that Chicago song, Saturday in the Park? I loved that song as a child and still do. Reminds me of what life was like in the 1970s.  Playing a transistor radio, throwing the frisbee with friends, and enjoying a bucket of fried chicken and Big Gulps of root beer.  At dusk, we sprayed OFF mosquito repellant and relaxed on a blanket while watching the stars or an occasional fireworks display. We were all so easily entertained by music and friendship during those marvelous Midwest summers.  Fast forward to today.  Few folks unite for the sheer enjoyment of each others' company.  Instead, parks are places where friends compete in contests that divide instead of unite, and everyone goes home before dark fearing the worst.

Cotacachi's Parque La Matriz reminds of a 1970's Saturday in the park. There are trees and benches for folks to sit and visit, and laugh and nosh. Fried chicken is sold across the street at Clippers.  Twelve dollars buys 10 pieces with french fries and coleslaw. Though they don't have root beer, they do serve icy cold Coca Cola. Such a pretty park where time moves slowly like the swaying trees. The speakers play pleasant music, a nice accompaniment for an afternoon stroll. At nightfall, the park is lit with colorful lights. Reminds me of another Chicago song, Wishing You Were Here.

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