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The Food Just Tastes Different

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The food just tastes different in Ecuador.  I can't tell you exactly how, just that it is better.  I don't know if it is what the chickens are fed that make the eggs better or if it is the open spaces that allow the cattle to produce better milk.  The cheese and the butter are far and away better tasting than that found in the States.  Even the garlic has a stronger taste and smell.

In comparison, most of the food in the U.S. seems tasteless.  It makes you wonder what is being added to or taken from the food that is produced in North America.  We have found that eating a healthy diet free from pesticides is much easier in Ecuador and can be done at a fraction of the cost of eating organic in the States.  In a world where much of the food is laden with unhealthy chemical additives and lacking nutritional value,  Cotacachi’s unadulterated natural foods are both satisfying and delicious.  

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