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The Ecuadorian Deception by Bear Mills

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I received a copy of "The Ecuadorian Deception" by Bear Mills last week.  To be honest, I have not read a book of fiction for many years, preferring to read nonfiction.  However, I was intrigued to see how the descriptions and experiences of the characters would compare to my own experiences in Ecuador.

Although the setting of the story is Guayaquil and Cuenca rather than Cotacachi, I could totally relate to the character's excounters with unusual entrees (guinea pig), stoic airport authorities, and flash thunderstorms.  There was much that I learned, however, about the history of the country, relations between indigenous groups, as well as the relationship between the police and private security.  What kept me reading, however, was the twisting plot line as it followed the protagonist George d’Hout and the characters that he meets along the way.

Beginning in the warm climes of Guayaquil and moving to the chilly highlands of Cuenca, I couldn't help but develop a fondness for the protagonist and a disdain for the shady characters he encounters.  I found myself eagerly waiting for the time when the bad guys would get their just deserts and George would be reunited with his family.   I liked how the the plot line developed simultaneously on various fronts and was skillfully reunited in the end.  I recommend this book for anyone who has an interest in what Ecuador is really like beyond the facts and figures and would like to gain an insight into the ways of Latin America.  In addition, the reader gets the benefit of being taken a fascinating adventure  through an exotic land.  



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