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Our Story

The Goal

Convinced that it really was possible, we set a goal to quit our jobs as soon as possible and travel the world. I crunched the numbers again and again. It was like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. What kind of a nest egg would it take to support two people for the rest of their lives? The numbers were daunting. Using the traditional metric of a 4% withdrawal of assets annually and our yearly expenses of around $40,000, we would have to amass a million dollars to make it work.

The Road to Discontent

Sunday afternoon would arrive, and the dread would begin to build. Those dark mental clouds gathering on the horizon, signaling the coming of another Monday morning and the return of the alarm clocks, deadlines, wolfed-down lunches, and all the other stresses that accompany the modern work week. “Is this all there is?” I asked myself. Would I follow the road of the masses, running on the treadmill of life, living for those few precious hours that arrived at the end of each workday and two coveted days of freedom each weekend? Was there really any other choice?

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