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Cotacachi versus the Midwest (by Cotacachi expat)

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Cotacachi is such a great place to relax. So refreshing compared to the frantic pace of the U.S. Even here in the Midwest where life is slower than NYC or LA, there's still a lot of stress to contend with on the highways and byways, especially now that Americans are so fond of texting while they drive.

There's really nothing like strolling down Leather Street in Cotacachi with the warm sunshine on your back while making your way to Nancy's restaurant for fajitas and to chat it up with the local expats. Sometimes though, we miss family gatherings, reading in the public library, and visiting all the beautiful parks of the Midwest during the fall foliage. Just this morning, we jogged through our small town park decorated with Christmas carolers, reindeer, and candy canes. Soon it will be open at night for cars to drive through and see the dazzling display of lights. But this morning it was a blustery 32 degrees, windchill of 20. Although the pine trees smelled wonderful, we wanted to rush home and chase down a hot cup of tea to take the chill off. Then we wondered when we'd be returning to the warm sunshine of Cotacachi.

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